Attention Most in-person activities are on hold until further notice. Small groups will still meet. See you Sunday online.


Stay informed on the latest developments and updates on schedule changes at Grace Community Church.

Dear Grace Community Church:


Due to the emergence of coronavirus, the pandemic which ensued and the unprecedented local, state and federal response to the spread of the disease, Grace Community Church will endeavor to meet all guidelines and mandates of governmental and health authorities to assist in that response. This will obviously mean there will be some modifications in the way that GCC provides essential church services to its members and the community. We are anticipating these changes to remain in place for at least the next eight (8) weeks. Effective today, the following changes are being made:

Sunday morning and Sunday evening church services will continue, but in order to minimize person-to-person contact and to meet national and state mandates, those services will be provided electronically through the audio and streaming internet services at the church’s disposal. No physical, face-to-face church services will be held for the time being. 

  • Sunday morning services will be streamed live at the regularly scheduled time beginning at 10:15 am.The first 45 minutes (10:15 am to 11:00 am) will provide schedule updates, church news and announcements. The sermon will begin at 11:00 am.The live-stream will be available on the church’s website at
  • Sunday evening services will be provided through and will be limited to audio only (no video). These studies will be available on Monday or Tuesday at the website or on the church's website at:
  • Youth Group meetings scheduled for 4:30 pm Sunday evenings, will not be held. 
  • Sunday School will not meet, and breakfast, normally held each Sunday morning prior to the worship service, will not be served.

The monthly newsletter, Happenings @ Grace, will be produced in April and May and made available on the church’s website at Hard copies will also be available in the church office or at the information booth in the foyer. Electronic and hard copies of the newsletter will be available on the last Sunday of the month. There will be no regular weekly church bulletin, however.


The church office will continue to be open and staffed during normal business hours. You may reach the church through the church’s telephone at (785) 670-6456. At this time the church’s email address is not available to the staff, so anything sent to that address cannot be accessed by the staff. We hope to have that fixed sometime this week. The church’s staff has made their personal email addresses and phone numbers available during this time, and you should use one of those addresses to contact the church by email or by text:

Since person-to-person contact is being minimized, we urge you to remember that the church’s financial need continues throughout this period. Missionaries are still expecting support, normal utility and insurance premiums must be paid and on-going maintenance of the building must continue. We are encouraging you to continue to support the church through your tithes and offerings during this period. Those contributions may be sent to the church by mail, you can tithe electronically through the church’s website or you may drop off your contribution at the church office during business hours. The link for on-line giving is


In addition, the church will be making funds and services available during this time for those who may have extraordinary circumstances. Should a member of the congregation really need food, need someone to deliver items while they are home-bound, run into difficult extenuating circumstances or need pastoral care, please do not hesitate to contact the church. Individuals are encouraged to support this effort through donations in addition to your tithes.


Wednesday evening studies: Grief Share, Prayer and Worship and the new men’s study, Band of Brothers, will continue to meet:

  • Grief Share will meet at 6:00 pm
  • Prayer and Worship will meet at 7:00 pm
  • Band of Brothers will meet at 6:30 pm

The Women’s Thursday morning Bible Study scheduled for 9:00 am on Thursdays in the Administration Conference Room will continue to meet weekly.


Band of Brothers, the Friday morning Men’s Bible Study, will continue to meet at 6:00 am Friday mornings in the Administration Conference Room.


The following scheduled meetings and events will not be held:

  • The Maundy Thursday Service scheduled for April 9
  • Ladies’ Night Out scheduled at the church for April 14 and May 12 
  • Rescue Mission Services scheduled for March 20, April 17 and May 15
  • Young @ Heart scheduled for March 20, April 17 and May 15
  • Brookside Services scheduled for March 22, April 26 and May 24
  • The Diaconate Meeting and the Cabinet Meeting scheduled for March 24
  • The Card Ministry Work Day scheduled for May 2

All other meetings and events which may had been previously scheduled during the next eight weeks will be evaluated by the organizers and their status will be communicated to the congregation at a later date.


Clearly, while we are planning for these modifications in our schedules to span at least eight weeks, changes in the health guidelines may shorten or lengthen the time-frame in which we are working. We hope to return to a more normal schedule as soon as we can. We must remember that just because our meeting times and events may change, we remain a fellowship of believers. No one is going anywhere – we are all still here, and we are still here to help in any way we can. The mission of the church has not changed, although the way we approach that mission may. We will endeavor to keep you informed of all church activities and any additional changes as soon as we can. The church’s schedule and our response to changing requirements remains fluid, so we will adapt as circumstances change. We all know who is in control, and what a new ministry opportunity He has presented us. Let’s take advantage of that opportunity to minister to our fellow church members and our community in different and novel ways.

Remember to pray for our church, pray for its members and pray for guidance and direction from our church, local, state and national leadership during these times of uncertainty.